COVID-19 Reopening Update

We’re so excited to welcome you back to Ponderosa Zoo from Tuesday 2nd December. The health and safety of the general public, our staff members and animals is of absolute importance to us so we will be limiting visitor numbers and the zoo will operate on a one way system.

Full details of all the safety procedures we have put in place can be found here.

Our mission

Ponderosa Zoo's mission is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds on the natural world and the threats species face on a daily basis. We aim to promote the work zoo's do globally through education surrounding conservation.

About Ponderosa Zoo

Ponderosa Zoo (originally Ponderosa Rural Therapeutic Centre) was created in 1991 by Maureen Cook with the aim to 'bridge the gap' between disabled and able bodied people through the care of animals as a form of therapy. At the time the centre held a variety of domestic animals including pigs, goats and cattle.

Since its conception Ponderosa Zoo is now home to over 120 animals from lemurs to reindeer. We are a dedicated team of hard working and passionate individuals who aim to promote animal welfare, in addition to educating the public on conservation efforts and the threats many species now face in the wild. In 2017 we took another step in journey by becoming provisional BIAZA members.

Although we are now a much bigger facility with our primary focus being on welfare, education and conservation, we still hold our 'Bridge the Gap' vision by ensuring our zoo is always disabled friendly and offering a variety of grounds keeping roles for disabled individuals to gain valuable work experience in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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Meet The Team


Zoo Manager

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Deputy Zoo Manager & Keeper


Deputy Zoo Manager & Keeper


Education Officer


Reptile and Invertebrate Keeper


Animal Keeper


Animal Keeper

Last Updated: Nov 2020
All our volunteer vacancies are now full.