About the Ponderosa Centre

The Ponderosa Rural Therapeutic Centre was established by a group of people who wanted to help bridge the gap between disabled and able bodied people.

Since its conception in 1991, when 6 students with 6 plants and sixty pounds from Ravensthorpe Social Educational Centre began sowing seeds donated by Beardsworths Garden Centre over 40 people have benefited from working in the greenhouses. Ponderosa Centre now runs a very successful business.

The Rare Breeds Farm

The farm started as a hobby for Maureen Cook in 1992 with several rare breeds, including llamas and emus. It soon became a favourite with the people from the local community and we soon realised that caring for the animals assisted their personal development.

People who previously had very limited communication skills, very little farming knowledge and low self-esteem were now becoming very adept workers with increasing confidence and vastly improved social skills. Some moved on to gain skills elsewhere, some are now competent workers at Ponderosa, working in the joiners shop, taking care of the animals, even to the extent of lambing sheep without needing any help. These are people who could not communicate or use public transport when they first visited the farm.

The number of different rare breeds on the farm has continued to increase and there are now pigs, peacocks, highland cows, goats, horses, donkeys, birds of prey, llamas, several different kinds of birds and many, many more.

As the word has spread local schools and playgroups began to bring groups of 30 or more children to see the well cared for animals at Ponderosa, to further their curricula studies or just for a day out.

The growing success and obvious necessity in the community prompted Howard and Maureen Cook to develop the venture further, into the Ponderosa that can be seen today.

Construction of a visitor centre began in January 1997. This now provides facilities such as toilets for the disabled and a refreshment area. A veranda has been incorporated giving beautiful views of the lake, animal sheds and surrounding countryside.

Meet The Team


Zoo Manager

Eve Started at Ponderosa in May 2016 as a mammal keeper before being promoted to Zoo manager a few weeks later.  She has a degree in Animal Health and Welfare along with years of experience working with a vast range of species. 

Eve’s favourite animal at Ponderosa are the two young Coatis, Nina and Bella. After they were both rejected by their mother Eve took on the role of hand rearing them, they both still live at the Zoo today and are doing brilliantly.

 ‘Being the manager of Ponderosa is an honour, it’s a wonderful place where we get to work with and learn from some incredible animals. The team we have here is absolutely fantastic – with our shared passion for animal welfare and conservation we work together brilliantly. We’re like a big family, this place really is more than a job to all of us and I wouldn’t change it for the world.'


Assistant Zoo Manager

Matt joined the Ponderosa team back in 2013 as a volunteer before taking on the role of head animal keeper in late 2015. Matt has a degree in management of animal collections with conservation and is now studying towards a top-up degree in zoo management at Askham Bryan College. 

In the Summer of 2017 Matt was promoted again, to assistant zoo manager with plans to enhance the education and conservation work we carry out here at Ponderosa.  

‘Working at Ponderosa gives me the ability to educate people about animals and conservation. Plus having the opportunity to work with animals everyday makes it the best job in the world. The black and white ruffed lemurs and marmosets are a sure favourite for me, as I mainly specialised in primate welfare and conversation throughout my studies.’ 


Reptile and Invertebrate Keeper

After acquiring a degree in Welfare of Animal Collections at Myerscough College, Ryan joined our team as a full-time reptile keeper. With his specialist knowledge and experience the Reptile House has been updated and there are many new species to be seen. 

‘For me, working at Ponderosa boils down to four distinct things. Firstly and most importantly is that get to fulfil my dream of being a dedicated reptile keeper, working with snakes, lizards and insects. Secondly, I finally get to work with my favourite animal, the Asian short clawed otter, which allows me to use my experience in animal training and behaviour to clicker and target train the otters, something that I have always wanted to do and get a great deal of enjoyment out of. Third is that I get to use my distinction in enclosure design to constantly update and improve the animals habitats. And finally I can use my creative thinking to come up with new enrichment ideas for all the animals I get to work with.’


Equine Manager

Ebony has a degree in equine science and management in addition to owning two of her own horses at home. Since joining Ponderosa in April 2017 Ebony has developed the fitness regimes of the horses we keep here, and having already gained previous experience with riding for the disabled this makes her a brilliant attribute to the Ponderosa team.  

When she isn’t preparing feeds or mucking out you can find her doing pony rides for our customers, with our working horses Bernie, Foxy and Willow. With Foxy being her personal favourite!

Ebony spends her days not only with the horses, but looking after our Highland cows and Soay sheep as well. 

"Working at Ponderosa has allowed me to work and care for animals that I am passionate about, as well as allowing me to develop my knowledge into the care of other species. It has also allowed me to share my knowledge of horses with others and educate them, whilst being able to work in a friendly and fun atmosphere"


Animal Keeper/ Stable Hand

Laura enjoys working with a huge range of the animals we keep here from the horses to the birds. After earning herself a degree in Welfare of Animal Collections she started as a volunteer, mainly helping take care of the mammals before moving onto working with the horses, where she was then employed as a stable hand. 

Since then Laura has continued to show exceptional standards and is one of the few keepers we have here that works with almost every animal we keep. Her personal favourites are the otters and one of our macaws named Charlie. 

Away from work, Laura has two degus and a dog she takes care of. And enjoys dying her hair a variety of vivid colours!

She’s an amazing member of the team, very high spirited, full of passion and always goes the extra mile when it comes to animal welfare.


Mammal Keeper

Alyson started as a volunteer in July 2016, her knowledge and compassion towards the animals was so remarkable she was employed as a full time mammal keeper. Alyson is an extremely dedicated member of the team, often being the first one to arrive and the last to one leave at the end of the day. 

‘Ever since I can remember I have always felt that being around animals is where I truly belong. As a previous volunteer for the cats protection league and as an animal care assistant at the RSPCA I gained a lot of experience with animal husbandry.


Office Admin

Selina originally stated by working in the ticket office before being moved into the main office where she now answers customer enquiries, helps plan events and handles the bookings of birthday parties and school visits. She enjoys working with the public and has a level 4 qualification in child development and young people. 

Selina enjoys bringing her own family to Ponderosa for days out and her favourite animals here are the Meerkats.

‘Ponderosa is a great place to work, the people are friendly and everyday there’s a variety of the new experiences to enjoy. I also get the opportunity to work with people from all aspects of life, which is incredibly rewarding.’ 

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