What's Happening

New Arrivals: Bennett's Wallabies

14th May 2018 - We'd like you all too meet Bruce, Bruno, Bolt and Bondi! They've loved basking in this warm weather we've been having recently, you can find them up near our beach area.


5th May 2018 - We'd like to introduce you to our new group of Egyptian fruit bats! Their new enclosure has been purposely built for them as part of our brand new nocturnal section. Come down and meet them along with our other nocturnal species. 


5th May 2018 - Meet Elton, our new male African Crested Porcupine! Elton had an brand new enclosure purposely built for him and is settling in well here at Ponderosa. Although naturally Porcupines are nocturnal, Elton spends a lot of his days out and about his enclosure. So come down and say hello!

Animal Bedding for Sale

We currently have an offer on our recycled cardboard bedding with a large bag costing just £2! Please give us a call on 01924 235 276 to place an order.

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