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We are now provisional BIAZA Members!

BIG NEWS! We are happy to announce we have become provisional members of BIAZA!

BIAZA is the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and is a professional body that represents some of the best zoos and aquariums in the UK and Ireland.

Being part of BIAZA allows us to take part in conservation efforts across the country which includes things such as breeding programs.

The work zoo's and aquariums do to help conservation is very important. Without the efforts of zoos and aquariums a lot of the species we see today would either be extinct or their population numbers would be considerably lower. 

Our team is excited for the times ahead, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors for their continuous support.

Summer 2018

Every day between July 21st - September 2nd we have animal experiences taking place!

11am - Lemur Talk and Feeding

12pm - Reptile Talk and Handling

1pm - Otter Talk and Feeding 

2pm - Pony Petting

3pm- Small Mammal Handling

4pm - Scottish Wildcat Talk and Feeding

Plus +
Special Guests: Crafty Devilz - Every Monday!

Ponderosa Riding Stables


Due to the redevelopment of Ponderosa RTC, we will no longer be offering our £1.50 pony rides.

This decision was made based on the feedback we have been receiving from our customers, along with this choice supporting the boost in education throughout the entire centre.

Instead we will be promoting the welfare of horses and educating people in horse care. In order to do this we have launched Ponderosa Riding Stables, which will be offering riding and confidence lessons, along with pony days and pony parties.

So rather than having a quick ride once around the arena, you can now learn how to ride and how to care for horses. This service will be delivered by our fully qualified equine department and of course with a little help from Willow, Bernie and the rest of our resident horses.

For more information on these activities or to book your place, please follow our new Facebook page @PonderosaRidingStables where you can contact the equine department through messenger or email them at office@ponderosa-centre.co.uk.

For anyone making a day trip to the zoo who haven’t booked any sessions at our stables, you can still meet our horses and learn about their care during our new daily petting sessions.

New Arrivals: Bennett's Wallabies

14th May 2018 - We'd like you all too meet Bruce, Bruno, Bolt and Bondi! They've loved basking in this warm weather we've been having recently, you can find them up near our beach area.


5th May 2018 - We'd like to introduce you to our new group of Egyptian fruit bats! Their new enclosure has been purposely built for them as part of our brand new nocturnal section. Come down and meet them along with our other nocturnal species. 


5th May 2018 - Meet Elton, our new male African Crested Porcupine! Elton had an brand new enclosure purposely built for him and is settling in well here at Ponderosa. Although naturally Porcupines are nocturnal, Elton spends a lot of his days out and about his enclosure. So come down and say hello!

Animal Bedding for Sale

We currently have an offer on our recycled cardboard bedding with a large bag costing just £2! Please give us a call on 01924 235 276 to place an order.

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